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Core Beliefs

You may get a clue form the items below and using the modals or the adverbs will help to determine the exact item.
The belief may be an internal one Ė ďIí or ĎMyĒ or external Ė A category of people or concepts - ďalcoholics, druggies, money, life, things, everything, food, sex etcĒ

Modals - am, can, could, do, might, must, need, ought, shall, should, want, would or their negative counterparts

Adverbs Ė always, constantly, continuously, never

The groups tend to be small Ė up to 3. Within a group the items may all target the same underlying belief.


Feeling incompetent (not good enough)

I never sleep well
I always have to get up in the night
I canít heal myself
Exercise is torture
Healthy food tastes terrible
Iím out of shape because Iím old

I canít change
I donít have enough time
This is too hard
Iím not flexible
Once you have kids its all downhill

I am useless
I am not good enough
I will never achieve anything
I am awkward
I will never make it

I will never measure up to Ö..
I will never make it
I am helpless
I am hopeless
There is nothing I can do
I canítÖ

Self Worth

Feeling unlovable (not good enough)

I am untalented, unintelligent and unattractive
I am stupid
I am ugly

I will never amount to anything
People always walk all over me

Nobody cares about me
I donít deserve to be loved
There must be something wrong with me

I do not love myself
I donít deserve happiness

Self Respect

Feeling unwanted

I am not worthy of respect
Other people take me for granted

My parents didnít respect me
My sisters take advantage of me

Nobody wants to spend time with me
I donít matter

Nobody listens to me
I am a burden
I am a pest


Feeling different

It is not safe to be out at night alone
I never feel safe in multi storey car parks

The world is not a safe place
Authority is scary

Other people are more important than I am
People Donít see who I am
I donít fit in (anywhere)
I am always left out
Wherever I am, I am unwelcome

Iím nothing
I stick out like a sore thumb
I can never be myself
I canít cope with criticism
Everyone thinks I am stupid
But Iím not like them


Feeling useless

Nothing ever goes right for me
Money is difficult to come by honestly
I canít afford to take time off
Life is a continuous struggle
My boss never sees me

If I attempt this I will fail
Its not possible
Iíll fail againÖ
They think Iím useless
Iíve tried this before
It wonít work for me

I am useless (at ÖÖÖÖÖÖ..)
I will never be any good at (ÖÖÖÖÖÖÖ..)
I never start what I finish

I am so disorganized
I canít do this becauseÖ.


Feeling hopeless

Pleasing other people is the right thing to do
Being there for others keeps them happy
My finances are always out of control
I must be liked and admired by everyone

Disagreement and conflict are a disaster
Everyone in my life must be perfect
People are fragile and must be protected

Iíll never amount to much
I canít handle change
No matter how hard I try I can never get it right

I can never make decisions
I never stick with any decisions I make
I am hopeless (atÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖ)

Feeling powerless

Feeling insecure

I am weak
I canít stand up for myself
I donít dare stand up for myself
I am powerless to change
I always leave myself open to abuse / being used
I am a victim

I must obey other peopleís dictates
Forgiving other people is hard
I canít get in touch with my emotions
Why does this always happen to me?
This situation is hopeless
I must be perfect in all I do

Life is hard
Life is Ö.
Men (Women) take advantage of me
Nobody respects me
People cannot be trusted
People are not reliable

You canít trust ÖÖÖ. (men, women, alcoholics)
It is dangerous to allow other people to get close
People do not change
People are either good or bad
Problems are a sign of weakness and failure
I canít speak in front of an audience

Financial Wealth

Financial Wealth

Anyone who is wealthy is greedy, so I'd rather be middle-class
Iím not good enough
If I didn't earn it, then I don't deserve it, even if it was a gift
Iím nothing unless others love and approve of me

Iím nothing if I donít succeed
I can't trust anyone else to do the job as well as I can
I canít afford that
I must do it perfectly or itís not worth bothering with
Making money is not easy

I donít deserve what I truly want
Iím not smart enough to make more money
Women can't handle the pressure of high-stress jobs
I have to work even more hours if I want to make more money

Money doesnít grow on trees
When things are going well, something very bad will happen to ruin it
If I take a risk I will fail
I canít do thatÖitíll never work

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